Choosing bedsheets is one of those things that doesn’t seem too complicated at first glance but can actually be quite daunting when one is faced with all of the options available both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Choosing the right sheets can change the way you sleep. Here are some important things that we always take note of when choosing sheets:

What are the different fabric types?

Naturally occurring fibres
Naturally occurring fibres like cotton and linen are trusted and common. They come in a variety of qualities but are generally smooth, soft, breathable, durable and easy to maintain.

Naturally-sourced regenerated fibres
Naturally-sourced regenerated fibres are also known as cellulose-based fibres such as bamboo fibres. Fabrics made from these are as breathable as cotton and generally are also softer, and smoother to the touch. However, they can be more fragile than naturally-occurring fibres so it is important to choose thickly woven versions of these materials.

Synthetic fibres
This fibre type scores well in terms of durability, and is often used in blends with the first two types of fibres to increase the durability of the resulting fabric. However, in terms of comfort and breathability, they pale in comparison to natural and cellulose fibres.


What is your sleeping environment? Do you sleep with the air-conditioning on, or do you prefer sleeping in the tropical air?

With plenty of materials available, it is important to consider your sleeping environment and personal preferences. If you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room with a low temperature, there is more leeway for experimenting with materials.

If however, you like to sleep without air-conditioning in our tropical climate or if you prefer a higher temperature on your air-conditioner, then go for fabrics that are lighter, softer and more absorbent – the last thing you would want is to feel hot and sticky throughout the night! Suitable options would be naturally occurring fibres such as cotton or natural source regenerated fibres such as bamboo. For example, Aevary bamboo sheets are perfect for use in our tropical climate - they are extremely soft and silky to the touch and woven in a more durable thickness than most. These highly absorbent and breathable sheets wick moisture away from your body throughout the night, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.


What sort of weave is used in the fabric?

Weaves are broadly classified into sateen weaves and percale weaves. The sateen weave is the most popular type of weave now because the fabric that is achieved by the sateen weave is smooth, buttery and drapes very well. The structure of the weave also gives the fabric a very nice sheen, making it look luxurious and soft. Percale on the other hand produces a weave that is usually stiffer but also durable and crisp. Due to the smooth hand-feel of the sateen weave, many people now opt for the sateen weave versus the percale weave. That said, depending on the quality of the thread used and the tightness of the weave, there can be varying qualities of both the sateen and percale weave. Aevary cotton sheets are woven in the sateen weave, using 80S cotton, which is a very fine but strong yarn. As such, Aevary sheets are durable, breathable while maintaining that highly desirable silky softness.