Let’s talk about bed habits.

I never bothered making my bed when I was growing up. Mornings were usually rushed affairs, rolling out of bed and getting ready for school at an unearthly hour.

I started making my bed only after I moved overseas and stayed with a roommate. Friends would visit our place and hang out in our room after school. The fear of being labelled a messy person ensured that I always took a minute to straighten out all the wrinkles from my sheets before leaving the house.

7 years down, I married my other half. It was then, that I discovered there existed perfectly normal human beings who found making beds an utter waste of time.

Why bother making the bed when it’s going to get messed up again at night?

The other half said, watching me perform the ritualistic dance of three semi-circles round the bed.

I ignored him as I didn’t have a good comeback to that line.

It’s such a waste of time. No one’s going to come into our bedroom to see our bed.

True that, I replied.

But, doesn’t it feel nice to see a ready-made bed when you come home? Also, making the bed makes you feel like you are ready to start the day, and everything that comes with it.

The conversation ended prematurely that day because we found ourselves late for work.

And then, 2020 arrived. With its virus and its variants.

Work and video conference calls muscled their way into our homes forcibly. In an apartment which had not been intended to host work needs, we saw computer monitors, keyboards, microphones, and speakers land themselves unceremoniously on a table far too small and far too close to our bed for our liking.

Unless we wanted to look like we were having a bad hair day, the background appearing in our video conference calls now showed half of our bedroom, and our bed.

As the wise ones say.

With change, comes growth.

And growth, indeed, I witnessed.

These days, I walk out of the bathroom ready to conduct my ritualistic dance, only to find that my other half has beat me to it.

The bed beams to me, with its wrinkle-free sheets and pillow covers.

Ready to take on the world, video conference calls, and even a photoshoot for bedsheets, if my partner had his way.

Wow, I said. You made the bed.

Yes, he said. Brownie points please. I quite like making the bed now. It clears my mind.

Well now, I thought to myself.

There was one thing good that came out of that darned virus after all.

I’m not complaining about the new bed habit my other half has acquired since!

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