So it seems like we’ve been in a bit of a bad news spiral of late – first, electricity rates jumped, then the temperature decided to do the same thing, and now we’re running out of chicken! We’re still thinking about what to do with the chicken shortage, but in the meantime, we’ve got some points on how to combat the rising temperatures while saving electricity.


1. Keep window drapes and curtains closed during the day, so that the heat from outdoors doesn’t unnecessarily warm up the home. Studies have shown that curtains, particularly light coloured ones, can reduce heat gain in a house by up to 33%. That being said, while curtains should be closed to reduce heat gain, do keep the windows open, as glass traps heat in the house. The curtains will keep out glare and heat, while the open windows will allow for ventilation and breezes to cool the house.


2. Use LED bulbs as far as possible. While incandescent bulbs have largely been phased out, when choosing between LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs, try and choose LED bulbs as they are do not generate heat, and are far more energy efficient. Pro tip: if you are generally prefer warm white light, do consider spending a bit more on smart bulbs that can change the colour of the light. Use cool white during the day, then switch to warm white at night for ambient lighting. The cool white light during the day gives the perception of cooler temperatures.


3. Ensure that your air con units are serviced regularly, so that it works as efficiently as possible. Neglecting necessary and regular servicing means that your air-conditioning unit will decline in performance while energy consumption goes up. Engage a professional air-con maintenance service for 3-monthly servicing and check that the compressor is in a well-ventilated area, and that the filters are kept clean.


4. Use a fan together with the aircon. Keep the aircon temperature set at 24C and use a fan to keep cool air circulating. At the same time, keep doors and windows tightly closed when the aircon is running so there is no leakage of cold air. At night, use a timer for the aircon so that it turns off an hour or so after you go to bed. But do remember to keep the fan running, so that the room stays cool through the night.


5. Choose bedding that is breathable and wicks moisture well, such as those made from 100% bamboo fabrics. These fabrics are silky and cooling to the touch, and will help keep you cool through the night. It’s no surprise, that bamboo sheets are our bestselling sheets, particularly during the hotter months of the year!