It's a very common instinct to want to hug something to sleep - it makes us feel safe and warm and cosy - and yet, the bolster is one of the most overlooked elements of the bed. A bolster needs no introduction - many of us grew up with them (hands up those of you who had a chou-chou growing up), but somehow it seems to have fallen out of fashion in recent years.

It baffles me, because personally, I can't fall asleep without my bolster. It plays an indispensable role in my bedtime routine - I pull it out from behind the pillows, smoosh it a bit and fluff it up, and then climb into bed pulling it tightly into my embrace.

Beyond just the comfort aspect, there are actually some really good reasons why we should all have a bolster in bed.

  1. For side sleepers, bolsters provide great lower back support and allow one to fall asleep faster.
  2. It also relieves stress in the legs, by providing valuable support. This is especially helpful if you've had a physically demanding day. At the same time it helps improve blood circulation, particularly to the lower limbs.
  3. Placing a bolster under your knees also helps relieve the pressure exerted on your back. When you sleep with a bolster placed above your hip, it can alleviate the pain from your hip bone.
  4. Importantly, studies have shown that hugging has a positive psychological effect on us. Cuddling a bolster to sleep helps release oxytocin that keeps us calm and relaxed, something I'm sure most of us could use more of in today's fast-paced, high-stress world.


When choosing bolster cases, we can't stress enough the importance of choosing a 100% natural material, whether it's cotton or bamboo. A bolster comes into contact with a lot more of our body surface area than say a pillow. It is therefore very important that a bolster case has good moisture wicking qualities, and is soft to the touch, as especially as it will come into contact with sensitive parts of the body, like the inner thigh.

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